As a brand we are committed to the protection of our environment, prevention of pollution, efficient use of natural resources and fulfilment of all compliance obligations. This is not just a statement but a commitment throughout our whole entire supply chain and organisation.

We actively seek and run a 10 stage Dion of Paeania Environmental Policy

1: Maximise energy efficiency throughout our operation.

2: Minimise waste production by recycling waste on every opportunity, we would rather not print things if we don't need to and use digital media more so than hard copies. 

3: Identify, quantify, and continually improve the environmental impact of the company using Green Lean Improvement Teams, demonstrated by measures and targets under continual review.

4: We work with our global supply chain to achieve the same objectives and achieve the end goal of producing ethical products for our consumers

5: To prove our commitment, management systems, we are implementing to meet the requirements of ISO14001:2015 in the next 6 months.

6: We use wind-powered factories where possible keeping our production CO2 footprint to a minimum and ship goods where possible to keep down air pollution. 

7: We prefer to using carbon neutral deliveries where possible but also understand in certain areas and countries this isn't possible, so will use the least impacting delivery method. 

8: Controls are in place to provide an unbroken chain of custody for all materials sourced from sustainable forests, meeting the requirements of the FSC and PEFC. This will provide our customers assurance that products are from well-managed, sustainable and certified forests where biodiversity is encouraged.

9: Paper and board are biodegradable, recyclable and can claim unequivocally that they are available from a renewable resource, unlike many alternatives.

10: Technical guidance will be provided to customers for innovative ways to recycle or upcycle our packaging, in order to minimise waste materials whilst maximising functionality of the product.

This policy is published via the website, is available upon request and communicated to all of our Dion of Paeania s employees who love nature as much as we do. 

We will work to continually improve the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

We will always look to improve our sustainability and limit our environmental impact. Our policies are under continual review and improvement, however once defined existing policies are mandatory for all personnel.