We are a brand with a driving force of environmental and social sustainability. However, the term sustainability has no universally agreed definition and many different layers, so we want to be clear about what it means to us at Dion of Paeania:

We are acutely aware that human activity is imposing serious cost on the natural environment and there is an overwhelming need to implement thought processes and methodologies that slows this process down. We design and produce in a way that is most considerate of our environment and humanity, leaving the most negative footprint we can. 

We take into account the full lifecycle of our pieces: from the initial design, sourcing and production, all the way to delivery and it’s onward new life with you.


Dion of Paeania was founded with the intention of being at the forefront of a more mindful face of fashion - one that connects our community with sustainable and circular mentalities and encourages this to be a mindset rather than an ideal. After twelve years working within fast-fashion and seeing first-hand the unrepairable damage it is causing to our planet the vision was clear; to disrupt the status quo and actively break the chain of an ever-growing industry.

We believe that, through strong beliefs, well managed supply chains and support from our community, this is entirely possible.


Fabric selection is an integral part of being a sustainable and clean brand and the materials we decide to work with must honour the values we set. All of our collections are ethically considered and the materials we use to create them must have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We ensure that all our fibres are either organic, recycled, renewable or biodegradable. Alongside this, we are continuously researching and developing new materials that suit our brand vision, are environmentally friendly and, crucially, meet our ethical core values.

All Dion of Paeania packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and we are conscious to package in the most efficient and minimal way possible.


We have a responsibility for our production and consumption which is why we ensure all our fabrics and suppliers are GOTS, OEKO-TEX or Fair Wear certified and comply with all the relevant, local trade standards. 

We use organic cotton rather than synthetic or non-organic fibres as our main fabric base. This is the only system which offers a real holistic approach, as the use of fertilisers or other toxic substances are strictly prohibited. This helps to maintain clean waterways and prevents our ecosystem from being infiltrated with harmful chemicals resulting in long-term and irreversible affects. Organic farming means healthier soils, which results in better conditions to store rain water and, subsequently, prevents it from being taken from local communities.

Consideration to the dyes we use is integral and all must be of low-impact. We require them to be classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (an international certification process) as eco-friendly.

 We minimise waste by only producing the amount of pieces we need. Overproduction results in  landfill disposal which is why all of our production runs are small and unique.



Collaborating with the right suppliers and manufacturers is key for our ethical and sustainable values. It was necessary to ensure that we sourced the right partners who not only meet all of the relevant trade standards and can provide appropriate certifications, but that also hold a shared vision for a more sustainable industry, continually taking steps and using new technologies to achieve this.

Our search took us globally, finally landing us in Portugal and on our own doorstep in the UK. Keeping the supply chain local helps to reduce sea and air travel and minimise our carbon  footprint, whilst also ensuring the makers and their practices are accessible.  


We want sustainable fashion to be for all. We understand that affordability is more relevant than ever, which is why we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure we are giving our customers the best value product possible without lowering the standards we have set in order to be a fully clean brand.

We design collections to be timeless, comfortable and functional for the lives we live. Longevity of our products is paramount and we only produce pieces that have an extensive lifespan.

We promise that environmental sustainability is at our core and not just a marketing tool as it is to many others. Traceability of our supply chain is key and available upon request.